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Construction on the safety barrier for the Cold Spring Canyon Bridge was recently completed. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the effort to get this lifesaving project underway and seen through to the end.

It’s a truly beautiful thing.

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On May 31, Judge Thomas Anderle requested that steps be taken to make possible the resumption of construction on the barrier at the Cold Spring Arch Bridge. This is great news! Hopefully we will soon see the installation of this important safety measure resume unimpeded. I’ll be sure to let you know when the project gets back on track. Keep your fingers crossed!

You can read the ruling [the analysis at the end is the salient part] here.

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Thursday, March 17 at 8:30am

Board of Supervisor’s Hearing Room
511 East Lakeside Parkway
Santa Maria, CA

The agenda for the meeting can be found here.

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Construction on the bridge barrier was halted on July 13 of this year, less than one month after it began. The judge who delivered the decision to suspend construction stated that Caltrans needed to receive more community feedback about the environmental impact of the project before it could be permitted to move forward. On July 16, three days after construction was suspended, another man died after having jumped from the bridge. The barrier was due to be completed this past September.

There will be a public hearing on the environmental impact of the barrier in January, the details are as follows:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 from 5:30 to 7:30

San Marcos High School cafeteria
4750 Hollister Avenue
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

What you can do
To add your voice of support and to help move the construction of the barrier forward you can do the following things:

  • Review the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report which is currently available for download in pdf form on the Cold Spring Canyon Bridge project page on the Caltrans website.
  • Submit your comments on the report via email to Matt Fowler at matt_c_fowler@dot.ca.gov or via regular mail to the following address:
      50 Higuera Street
      San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
      Attn: Matt Fowler, Senior Environmental Planner

    Written comments must be submitted by January 24, 2011.

  • Attend the meeting on January 5. The public is encouraged to attend and Matt’s mother, Karen, will be there in support of construction of the barrier. Those of us who can’t be there in person will be there with her in spirit.

If you haven’t signed the petition in favor of the barrier, please do. And also be sure to visit my sister’s website stopthetragedy.org for updates on the Cold Spring Arch Bridge and information about safety barriers and suicide prevention.

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The SBCAG today voted unanimously to recommend that Caltrans move forward with their construction of a permanent barrier on the Cold Spring Arch Bridge. Many people obviously worked very hard to make this happen and it was an inspiration to see Matt’s mother, my Aunt Karen, deliver her incredibly moving and powerful speech despite extremely difficult circumstances. More than anything else, I think that her words made it clear to everyone with a conscience that the cost to all of us if this project were abandoned would be unbearable. Special thanks should also go to my sister, Jenny, for the highly effective organization of her exceptional research at stopthetragedy.org and her great idea to set up what turned out to be an exceedingly successful petition, amassing an impressive 290 signatures in just one week.

I was extremely moved by the testimony given by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Bill Brown’s presentation made it painfully clear that the lack of a barrier at this bridge poses a continuing threat to the physical and psychological well-being of local safety personnel. This point was of crucial importance to one SBCAG member who voted in favor of the barrier for solely this reason. Dr. Lisa Firestone of The Glendon Association debunked false arguments made by opponents of the barrier and also showed video testimony by Kevin Hines, a survivor of a jump from the Golden Gate Bridge and living proof that most people who attempt suicide by jumping are seeking a permanent solution to a temporary problem and deserve the chance to take a different course of action.

Congratulations to everyone. It is such a huge relief to know that something will be done to prevent more people from being lost to this bridge.

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Thursday, October 16 at 8:30AM

Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors Hearing Room
4th Floor, 105 E. Anapamu Street
Santa Barbara CA 93110

The Santa Barbara County Association of Governments

To prepare for the hearing you can do the following things:

  • Learn more about the facts surrounding the construction of the barrier at stopthetragedy.org
  • Take a look at the Agenda for the meeting, the Cold Spring Bridge Project Public Hearing is item 9 on the Agenda
  • Regardless of your ability to attend the meeting, please send a letter in support of the barrier to The SBCAG Board of Directors, even though it is important that local residents support the barrier, I do not believe that this is a local issue as people from all over the country, and indeed the world, have been affected by the losses resulting from the lack of a barrier at this bridge, sample letters can be found here

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Please sign this online petition to show your support for the construction of a safety barrier at the Cold Spring Arch Bridge.

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My sister, Jennifer Lake, has constructed a website to present arguments in favor of the construction of a suicide prevention barrier at the Cold Spring Arch Bridge. She also debunks the objections that have been made by the individuals who, despite the obvious need for the barrier, are fighting to prevent its construction. Please visit her website stopthetragedy.org to learn more about her research and to learn what you can do to show support for the suicide barrier and help ensure that it is installed.

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